Marsala: New production company “Nomea” debuts with a show on women’s equality and empowerment.

A new production company, Nomea Productions, has been launched in Marsala, starting with the creation of theatrical and musical performances. The first show, “Lilith”, focuses on the rebellious woman archetype, while “Vigata Tour” offers a full immersion into the world of Andrea Camilleri’s historical works. The founder, Peppe Li Causi, explains that Nomea stands for New Orientations in Musical Entertainment Academy.

“Lilith” is a play written by Fabio D’Anna and directed by Tommaso Rallo, centered around the character of Lilith, known for her disobedience. The show features a dialectical clash between Lilith and Eve, symbolizing the struggle for equality between genders. The performance includes original music by Roberto Pellegrino and Alessandro Manzo, with a cast of talented actors.

The second show, “Vigata Tour”, presents a theatrical discourse on Andrea Camilleri’s works, with scenes adapted for the stage by Calamia-Dixon-Li Causi. The production, directed by Peppe Li Causi, features original music by Vincenzo Li Causi and a diverse cast of performers. Nomea Productions aims to become a platform for promoting and organizing artistic and cultural workshops on a national level.

Marsala, nasce Nomea produzioni: nel primo spettacolo il confronto tra la donna che soggiace all’uomo e quella che reclama la parità

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