Marsala, a reprimand for the loud noises and in response they break her arm.

A woman who runs a kiosk in Piazza della Repubblica, Marsala, was attacked by a young man who broke her arm. This incident follows a recent fight between young Africans in Piazza Matteotti. The woman’s sister reported that some boys were causing a disturbance in the square and her sister was attacked by a Tunisian. The woman had confronted the young man, asking him to calm down, and he responded by assaulting her. She suffered a broken arm and other facial injuries and has reported the incident to the police. The local PD party blames social neglect and degradation for the recent string of violence and calls on the mayor to take action.

Marsala, un rimprovero per gli schiamazzi e in risposta le spezzano un braccio

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