Maria Falcone demands Ministry to move contest on May 23, a sacred day for Italy’s civil memory

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the decision of the Ministry of Education to schedule the pre-selection phase of the competition for school principals on May 23rd, the anniversary of the Capaci massacre in which Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo, and other victims were killed by the mafia. Maria Falcone, president of the Falcone Foundation, criticized the Ministry’s decision, emphasizing the importance of remembering the victims of mafia violence on this day. She urged the Ministry to reconsider their choice and to show respect for the memory of the victims. The article also includes statements from other officials and educators who criticized the Ministry’s decision and called for the date to be changed. The Ministry defended its decision, stating that May 23rd is not a national holiday or a day of suspension of educational activities.

Il concorso il 23 maggio, Maria Falcone tuona: «Il ministero sposti la data, è un giorno sacro per la memoria civile dell’Italia»

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