Mareamico: Protest against Military Exercises in Punta Bianca Resumes

The Mareamico association has announced a sit-in on October 16th in the Punta Bianca nature reserve in Palma di Montechiaro to protest against the resumption of military exercises by the Army. They argue that for over 60 years, the Army has been violating a territory that has immense historical, environmental, and scenic value. The Punta Bianca area is characterized by numerous small, narrow beaches and was designated as a nature reserve last year. The environmentalists claim that these military exercises not only violate the area’s history and landscape but also harm the environment by releasing dangerous substances, such as gunshot residues. The release of large quantities of lead, a highly toxic substance for the marine ecosystem, during these exercises is a particular concern. The vibrations caused by the explosions have already resulted in numerous landslides, causing significant damage to the fragile cliffs. It is worth noting that in 2017, the parliamentary inquiry commission on depleted uranium had recommended the cleanup of the Drasy shooting range during a visit to the site.

Mareamico: «No alle esercitazioni militari a Punta Bianca», ritorna la protesta

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