Marble lion head discovered during excavations at Selinunte

A marble lion’s head in perfect condition and undamaged was found at Selinunte by archaeologist Jon Albers during research conducted by the University of Bochum. The discovered sima, the top part of a temple’s roof, will be restored in the coming months with the help of German and Italian experts. It will be exhibited at the Baglio Florio antiquarium in the Selinunte Archaeological Park. The sima is an impressive archaeological find, about 62 centimeters tall and weighing over 250 kilograms. It is made of high-quality imported marble, possibly from the Greek islands. This is a rare material as these decorations were typically made of terracotta or stone in the 4th century BC. The sima had a dual function of beautifying the temple and collecting rainwater, which was drained through lion-shaped spouts. This discovery suggests that Selinunte has more to reveal about its history and trading connections. Although the block is well-preserved, it is missing the water spout and the lion’s rear mane, and the decoration on the upper part of the slab is incomplete.

Una testa di leone in marmo scoperta durante gli scavi a Selinunte

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