Manager of Health in Sicily and Provinces: agreement between Schifani, Lega, and Lombardo.

Yesterday morning, the Sicilian leaders of Lega and Mpa entered Palazzo d’Orleans and showcased their alliance, making them the third pole of the center-right coalition. The focus now is on the numbers within the majority, as the game of appointments and programmatic choices begins. The initial agreements on the appointment of managers are being called into question and will likely be postponed. This decision pleases Lega, as it allows them to claim more space within the coalition. The alliance between Lega and Mpa accounts for 10 seats in the Regional Assembly, while Fratelli d’Italia has 13, and the Forza Italia and Dc coalition has 17. The leaders of Lega and Mpa emphasized their importance within the coalition and their political and programmatic alignment with President Schifani. The negotiations on appointing managers will restart, and the issue of Fratelli d’Italia’s demand for more space will need to be addressed. In return, Lega has assured President Schifani of their support for a bill to reintroduce direct elections for Province Presidents. Overall, the meeting aimed to strengthen the alliance and address various political and programmatic issues concerning regional governance.

Manager della sanità in Sicilia e Province: patto tra Schifani, Lega e Lombardo

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