Man trapped as house in Scicli catches fire, rescued by Carabinieri in critical condition

A seventy-year-old man was found on the ground by the carabinieri, showing no signs of life. Trapped amidst the flames that spread in his home, he was at risk of dying in Scicli, where a fire broke out. The military intervened after a report received by the central operations: by the time they arrived, the fire had already engulfed everything, and the smoke had reached the street.

The carabinieri managed to enter the house and drag the elderly man out of the apartment, providing first aid while waiting for the intervention of the 118 emergency services, immediately contacted. Using a fire extinguisher, they put out the flames that had engulfed part of the house, preventing them from spreading to the entire building and potentially involving neighboring ones. According to preliminary investigations by the firefighters, the fire was caused by a candle left burning in the apartment.

The elderly man was transported by ambulance to the emergency room in Modica, where he received initial care before being transferred in critical condition to the Centro grandi ustionati in Catania, by helicopter. The military personnel who intervened were also examined by medical staff due to mild intoxication from inhaling smoke. The man is in critical condition.

Scicli, la sua casa va a fuoco e lui resta in trappola: soccorso dai carabinieri, ma è in gravi condizioni

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