Man found dead in the Zaera market parking lot in Messina: Homeless man of Polish origin

An man was found dead in the parking lot of the Zaera market in Messina. A passerby noticed him on the ground and contacted emergency services, but despite their efforts, the man was pronounced dead by paramedics. Police arrived at the scene, identified the man as a homeless fifty-two-year-old named Marius of Polish origin, and closed off the area for further investigation. Although there were no signs of violence on the body, the cause of death is still being determined. In a similar incident in December in Palermo, another homeless man was found dead under the porticoes of via Francesco Crispi. Franco Ferrante, aged fifty-six, was pronounced dead. A few months earlier, another homeless man, a foreign national in his forties, was found dead in the same area..volunteers who had brought him food and blankets to help him cope with the cold had noticed what had happened.

Messina, un uomo trovato morto nel parcheggio del mercato Zaera: è un senzatetto di origini polacche

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