Major fire at a warehouse on Alecci Street in Paternò: residents fear, firefighters in action.

Fire in a house in Paternò. A very tall column of black smoke, visible from almost the entire city, rose from via Alecci, a street off the Circonvallazione. An apartment on the ground floor that was being used as a warehouse was engulfed by fire. There were moments of fear for all those who live in the area and they raised the alarm when they smelled the strong burning odor. The smoke invaded the street in a few minutes, making rescue and extinguishing operations difficult due to the narrowness of the road. Firefighters from the provincial command and medical personnel from 118 arrived on the scene. No one was in the apartment at the time of the fire, there were no injuries, but the structure was completely destroyed. There was also concern about the presence of several gas cylinders stored in the warehouse, they were blackened, transported outside and secured. In March, another fire had caused moments of terror in Paternò due to a malfunctioning chimney flue that caused a fire in a building. The house was immediately evacuated, the air was unbreathable due to the smoke emitted. One person was intoxicated and transported to the hospital.

Grosso incendio in un magazzino di via Alecci a Paternò: paura per i residenti, vigili del fuoco in azione

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