Mafia shootout in Catania, Librino for a girl: two more arrested – VIDEO

Two more people have been arrested on the orders of the DDA of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catania in connection with the investigation into the shootout that took place in Catania on August 8, 2020 between members of the Cappello-Bonaccorsi and Cursoti Milanesi clans, resulting in two deaths and several injuries. The operation, named “Centauri ter”, resulted in the arrest of 42-year-old Giuseppe Auteri and Giovanni Agatino Di Stefano on charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons, and mafia association. The conflict is believed to have stemmed from personal disputes and a desire to assert dominance in drug trafficking. The arrests were made based on information provided by collaborators of justice, Carmelo Listo and Michele Vinciguerra. This brings the total number of arrests in connection with the shootout to 25.

Catania, sparatoria tra mafiosi a Librino per una ragazza: altri due arrestati – VIDEO

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