M5S questions opening of Castello Utveggio in Palermo

Explained in short

“The Utveggio Castle, an important gem of the city of Palermo, needs to be opened, enhanced, and made accessible, following the example of other European capitals where similar monuments of historical and artistic value are found. In Ljubljana, for example, there is a monument with similar characteristics that is being promoted as a multifunctional cultural attraction and visited with tickets, while Sicily continues to leave the Utveggio Castle literally parked in a corner. With this motion, the Sicilian Region no longer has excuses for not enhancing and making it accessible.”

This was stated by the regional deputy of the 5 Star Movement, Roberta Schillaci, the main proponent of the motion approved at Sala d’Ercole which includes initiatives for the safeguarding and restoration of the Utveggio Castle in Palermo for public enjoyment. Schillaci explained in the Regional Assembly that after the definitive dissolution of Cerisdi, the castle was left in a state of abandonment and lack of maintenance, remaining unused for years. In 2019, the Region planned a series of infrastructure restoration interventions including the guesthouse and the adjacent rural building, as well as an energy efficiency intervention through the Po Fesr 2014-2020 program of 5 million euros, the status of which is unknown. The recent statements by the President of the Region regarding the potential use of the Castle as the headquarters of the Amla, the EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority, are not convincing because it would make the structure inaccessible to the public. The Sicilian Region must urgently take all necessary actions to safeguard and enhance the Castle and its park,” the deputy concluded.

Palermo, l’interrogazione all’Ars del M5S su Castello Utveggio: «Venga aperto e reso fruibile al pubblico»

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