Lorenza, Matteo Messina Denaro’s rebellious daughter, will carry his surname

The daughter of Matteo Messina Denaro has requested and obtained the right to take her father’s surname. She will no longer be called Lorenza Alagna at the registry, as she was registered at birth on December 17, 1996, but Lorenza Messina Denaro. The decision was made by the woman who distanced herself from her father, but never completely cut ties with him. The mafia boss from Castelvetrano, who was arrested on January 16 after thirty years on the run, is currently in intensive care at the hospital in l’Aquila, where he underwent another surgery on August 8 following his colon cancer three years ago. His condition is described as very serious, and there have been increased visits from family members in recent days. The twenty-seven-year-old woman, who is herself a mother to a two-year-old child, is now officially part of the Messina Denaro family. The godfather has given his rebellious daughter his surname, the girl born in 1996 from a relationship opposed by her family. In reality, since she was a child, the twenty-seven-year-old had lived with the mafia boss’s family, but at the age of 18, she had decided to break off all contact and break free from her father, who did not welcome her rebellion: “Never ever will I want to see her again,” he had stated. Even Lorenza had no intention of seeing her father. And yet, now the two have reconciled.

Lorenza, la figlia ribelle di Matteo Messina Denaro porterà il suo cognome

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