Lipari students clean Marina Lunga beach

The article talks about the project “Io sono ambiente” (I am environment) that has been initiated at the Lipari comprehensive institute in the Aeolian Islands. The project focuses on environmental awareness and includes activities such as plogging and creative recycling. Around 30 students from the school participated in the plogging activity, collecting plastic bags and cardboard from the beach. The project has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Merit and is being carried out by the lead school, the Isole Eolie comprehensive institute, in partnership with the “Domenico Savio” school in Messina and the Capo Milazzo marine protected area. The article includes an interview with Davide Liotta, president of the Asd Arb Messina Plogging.

Lipari, gli allievi dell’istituto comprensivo puliscono la spiaggia di Marina Lunga

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