Lipari, proceedings of the family crisis and Cartabia reform discussed by Pajno and Verzera.

The conference on “Family Crisis Proceedings in Light of the Cartabia Reform and First Practical Applications” was held at the residence “La Giara” organized by the Eolian Islands Bar Association led by Angelo Pajno. The Prosecutor of the Republic at the Barcellona court, Giuseppe Verzera, also attended. Numerous lawyers from the Eolian Islands, Barcellona, and Messina, as well as university professors, were present. In interviews with President Pajno and Prosecutor Verzera, they discussed not only the conference topic but also the detached section of the Lipari court, which is still functioning at only 50% despite the extension granted by the national government. This causes significant inconvenience for the already isolated Eolian Islands, especially Alicudi or Stromboli.

Lipari, procedimenti della crisi familiare e riforma Cartabia parlano Pajno e Verzera

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