Lentini landfill closed, compactors in line, emergency for 200 Municipalities: Schifani faces judicial commissioners

The article explains the waste emergency in over 200 municipalities in Sicily due to the closure of the mechanical and biological treatment plant (Tmb) at the Sicula Trasporti landfill in Lentini. The landfill is under judicial administration and has not been receiving mixed waste for days. The closure has led to a buildup of uncollected waste, posing a health risk due to exposure to the sun.

In Catania, for example, illegal dumpsites are forming due to the improper disposal of non-recyclable waste. Many municipalities have suspended street markets due to the inability to dispose of accumulated waste. According to the regional deputy of Sud chiama Nord, Giuseppe Lombardo, the decree issued by President Schifani may not be enforceable by Sicula Trasporti administrators.

The issue stems from administrative and judicial challenges related to environmental impact assessments and a court order for the closure of the Tmb plant. A temporary solution was provided by President Schifani, but further approvals may be required before the plant can reopen.

Discussions are ongoing between the Region and the judicial administrators of Sicula Trasporti to address the waste emergency and implement the President’s decree.

La discarica di Lentini chiusa, autocompattatori in coda ed emergenza per 200 Comuni: faccia a faccia tra Schifani e commissari giudiziari

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