Le Vie dei Tesori revives the church of San Ciro in Palermo, visited by the archbishop: “The city can undergo regeneration”

The current reality and prospects of the church of San Ciro a Maredolce in Palermo are being brought to attention thanks to the event Le Vie dei Tesori. The bishop, Corrado Lorefice, visited the church which has undergone a process of redevelopment. The goal is to create a pilot project to revitalize the entire Maredolce Park. The bishop’s visit also provided an opportunity to discuss the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict and the need for peace. The church is now open to the public and is expected to draw in many visitors during the Le Vie dei Tesori festival.

Le Vie dei Tesori fa rinascere la chiesa di San Ciro a Palermo, in visita l’arcivescovo: “La città può conoscere la rigenerazione”

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