Laura Anello receives the Tela di Penelope award in Letojanni for “Le Vie dei Tesori”

In the olive garden of Villa Garbo in Letojanni – a historic residence on the sea that for years hosted the great actress Greta Garbo – NaxosLegge delivered the “Tela di Penelope” award to Laura Anello, journalist and creator of the format “Le Vie dei Tesori”. The evening was introduced with a literary conversation with Rita Alù, author of an original essay on women in art history: thousands of “invisible” artists who lived between the Middle Ages and the present day, condemned to a sort of “damnatio memoriae” that favored celebrated male artists. The book, titled (ed. Torri del Vento, 2023), was explored and discussed with the audience during an interview with the author conducted by Milena Romeo. The event, in collaboration with the associations L’Altra metà and La Sicilia delle donne, is a part of the XIII edition of NaxosLegge, a festival of storytelling, reading, and books with artistic direction by Fulvia Toscano, and the female section is entrusted to Marinella Fiume. At the NaxosLegge event, Laura Anello talked about the genesis of “Le Vie dei Tesori”, which started in 2006 with the University of Palermo and then became an autonomous project and later a foundation. Since then, every year at the end of summer, it has focused on telling and opening to the public over 500 places of historical, cultural, naturalistic, and artistic interest, enriching the visits with guided storytelling by academics, writers, and experts. It is a vast distributed museum that connects 20 main cities and art cities, over 50 villages, and in 2019, the pre-Covid golden year, it exceeded 400,000 visitors. The 2023 edition has just begun with the first round of events in ten cities: Mazara del Vallo, Messina, Enna, Corleone, Trapani, Bagheria, Marsala, Alcamo, Caltanissetta, and Termini Imerese. Laura Anello received a sculpture by Stefania Pennacchio, reproducing an archaeological artifact chosen by NaxosLegge as a symbol of “doing”, the theme of the 2023 edition. In the video, Laura Anello, Marinella Fiume, and Rita Alù speak in that order.

Letojanni, il premio Tela di Penelope a Laura Anello per «Le Vie dei Tesori»

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