Lampedusa’s Love returns: culture, journalism, and human rights.

The article talks about the ninth edition of “Lampedus’Amore”, a cultural event in honor of journalist Cristiana Matano, taking place on the island of Lampedusa from July 6th to 8th. The event will feature a wide range of activities including journalism, culture, solidarity, human rights, theater, literature, music, awards, and conferences. The program was presented at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, with the participation of various officials and representatives from different organizations. The event aims to be a platform for intellectual exchange and cultural enrichment, with a variety of offerings suitable for all tastes and ages. The president of the organizing association, Filippo Mulè, highlights the importance of the event in celebrating culture, solidarity, and beauty. The three-day event will include discussions, performances, and celebrations, all in memory of Cristiana and in celebration of the cultural richness of Lampedusa.

Torna Lampedus’Amore, fra cultura, giornalismo e diritti umani

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