Lampedusa: 18 former mayors on trial for untreated sewage dumped into the sea

The article explains that 18 individuals, including two former mayors of Lampedusa, have been indicted for allowing untreated sewage to flow into the sea, resulting in extremely turbid water emitting a strong sewage odor on the island. The accused face charges such as abuse of office, omission of official acts, environmental pollution, and damage. The main accusation is that since 2015, the discharge of untreated sewage from five pumping stations deteriorated the sea. The trial is set for October 8th in Agrigento. In 2018, the Lampedusa wastewater treatment plant was seized due to its inadequacy and illegal discharges into the sea. The situation had been monitored since 2012, with fecal bacteria levels 10,000 times above the legal limit. This led to the preventive seizure of the plant.

Lampedusa, 18 a giudizio per i reflui fognari finiti in mare senza trattamento: fra loro gli ex sindaci Nicolini e Martello

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