La Romanella: Irresistible Temptations – Giornale di Sicilia

On December 13th, the feast day of Saint Lucy, is an important event in Palermo’s gastronomic culture, and it is essential to find fresh and genuine products for this beloved occasion. The Romanella, a historic bakery in Palermo, has been making arancine for over 50 years, as well as a variety of other baked and fried pastries made with quality ingredients at an affordable cost. During Saint Lucy’s day, the bakery will offer arancine in various flavors, as well as other traditional Sicilian gastronomic products. The arancina is considered a characteristic Sicilian street food, with a strong tradition dating back to ancient Greek times. This tradition has a loyal following and continues to be a popular way of eating in Sicily, with arancine being a favorite among locals. The influence of Arab and Spanish culinary traditions can also be seen in Sicilian pastries and baked goods. Overall, the Sicilian street food tradition is a timeless delight with a rich cultural and historical background.

La Romanella, irresistibili tentazioni – Giornale di Sicilia

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