Italy divided, rain in the North and African heat in the South: swimming in Mondello.

The article discusses the different weather conditions across Italy during Easter weekend. While the North experienced rainfall and snow in the mountains, the Center-South was hit by warm winds from the Sahara desert. The article also highlights the heavy rainfall and strong winds in Lombardy, with a particular focus on the province of Varese where emergency services were busy with numerous interventions. Additionally, it mentions the orange alert for hydrogeological risk in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia for the following day. The article also describes the weather conditions in Rome, where strong winds did not deter tourists from enjoying Easter, and in the South where the temperatures were above average. The article concludes with a mention of Mondello, a seaside town in Palermo, where beachgoers took advantage of the sunny weather for a swim.

Italia spaccata, pioggia al Nord e caldo africano al Sud: a Mondello si fa anche il bagno

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