Ireneo Giardinello elected as the new mayor of Leni

In the small municipality of Leni, one of the three on the island of Salina, the new mayor is Ireneo Giardinello (43.42%). By profession a mooring master, in the previous legislature he held the position of president of the municipal council with mayor Giacomo Montecristo who did not run again. Giardinello is elected mayor with 198 preferences, followed by Claudio Rugolo, with 183 votes (40.13%), a lawyer from Messina who has a house in Leni and at times was in the lead, and Sergio Russo, a tourism operator, 66 (14.47%), and 4 null votes (0.87%). Both ran with three civic lists. Giardinello with “We Are Leni,” Rugolo with “All Together with Leni,” and Russo with “Lenese Evolution.”

There were 456 voters out of 808 (56.44%), 0.38% less than in 2019. Now it will be necessary to establish the 10 municipal councilors, six from the majority and four from the minority. On the island of Salina, with already three ports, in Malfa the new marina structure of Punta Galera is almost ready, in Rinella, a municipality of Lipari, there are already around thirty million euros for the expansion of the commercial harbor and to build the tourist marina. But another 30 million euros will be needed.

Ireneo Giardinello è il nuovo sindaco di Leni

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