#iononsonocarne: Vip’s answer to violence in Palermo

Famous Italian actors and personalities, including Alessio Boni and Maria Grazia Cucinotta, have come together to denounce violence against women. They are using the hashtag #iononsonocarne (I am not meat) to show their solidarity and support for victims of abuse. The initiative was launched on Fab!’s Instagram page in response to a message sent by one of the suspects in a recent case, who tried to justify their actions by saying “la carne è carne” (meat is meat). The celebrities are refusing to accept such justifications and are calling for an end to the objectification and abuse of women. Many celebrities, such as Caterina Balivo, Elisabetta Gregoraci, and Adriana Volpe, have already joined the movement by sharing photos of their hands with the hashtag. This campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage others to speak out against violence towards women.

#iononsonocarne, la risposta Vip alla violenza di Palermo

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