Investigation opened after 4-year-old Menfi child dies 8 days after being hospitalized in Palermo

A 4-year-old child has died after being admitted to the “Di Cristina” children’s hospital in Palermo for about eight days. The child was initially brought to the emergency room in Sciacca with severe stomach pain before being transferred to Palermo. However, the child’s condition worsened and they were taken to the Intensive Care Unit. The cause of death is currently unknown, whether it was due to a virus or other factors. The community in Menfi, where the child was from, is in shock and the mayor has declared a period of mourning. The family has filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office regarding the child’s death, and an autopsy will be conducted in the coming hours.

Bimbo di 4 anni di Menfi muore dopo 8 giorni di ricovero a Palermo, aperta un’inchiesta

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