Investigation on the technical systems at Casteldaccia massacre site underway

Irreversible investigations have begun in the area of the sewage lifting plant on State Road 113 in Casteldaccia, where 5 workers lost their lives in a workplace accident: Epifanio Alsazia, 71 years old, co-owner of Quadrifoglio, the company that was subcontracted for sewer network maintenance, Ignazio Giordano, 59 years old, Roberto Raneri, 51 years old, Giuseppe Miraglia, 47 years old, and the temporary employee of Amap Giuseppe La Barbera, 28 years old.

The investigations are being conducted by the public prosecutor of Termini Imerese, who has opened a file for multiple manslaughter and serious injuries, as well as technicians and consultants appointed by the Prosecutor and the defenses of the three suspects, the lawyers of the victims, police officers, mobile squad, and firefighters. The consultants will examine samples of liquid effluent collected during the inspection to verify the concentrations of sulfides present and assess the pH and any other chemical parameters deemed necessary by the technicians.

Lawyer Giuseppe Geraci, who represents the surviving worker Domenico Viola, 62 years old, whose condition has improved after being hospitalized in intensive care, has requested that the consultants determine if there are any discharges of liquids or other substances from the nearby vineyard company Duca di Salaparuta located at Via Nazionale 113, number 27. In the investigation into the deaths of the workers, Nicolò Di Salvo, a partner of Quadrifoglio Group, Gaetano Rotolo, director of works at Amap, and Giovanni Anselmo, administrator of Tek, the company awarded the contract by Amap for the emptying of the manholes of the sewage system in the Casteldaccia area, are under investigation.

La strage di Casteldaccia, al via gli accertamenti tecnici sugli impianti

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