Investigation of multiple manslaughter in the Casteldaccia massacre

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The Prosecutor’s Office of Termini Imerese, investigating the deaths of 5 workers who died yesterday in Casteldaccia during maintenance work on the sewer network, has opened a file, still against unknown persons, with the hypothesis of multiple negligent homicide. The investigation is coordinated by Prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio.

The workers were not supposed to go down inside the lifting station where the five workers died yesterday in Casteldaccia during sewer network maintenance. The contract with Amap, the municipal company that had contracted their company, Quadrifoglio group, for the work, provided for the suction of sewage from the surface through a vacuum truck and for personnel not to go underground.

This explains why none of the victims were wearing a mask or had a gas alert, a device that measures the concentration of hydrogen sulphide, the gas that later killed them.

It is not clear why the five descended into the lifting station or what happened afterwards. The hypothesis that a pipe broke releasing the gas is denied by the fire department, while it is not excluded that the workers could have opened a partition that should have remained closed. The environment, under normal conditions, is airtight.

The interrogation of the site director, which was conducted until late at night, lasted until late at night. The site director was supposed to supervise the maintenance intervention that the Quadrifoglio group workers were carrying out on the sewer network of Casteldaccia on behalf of Amap. Five workers lost their lives during the intervention, probably killed by gas fumes from the sewage fermentation. The investigation is being conducted by the Termini Imerese Prosecutor’s Office, with the police in charge of investigations.

The survivor, Giovanni D’Aleo, who escaped the accident at work that cost the lives of 5 workers, said that everything was going smoothly until something unexpected happened. He described the events as unforeseen and immediately alerted authorities during the tragic incident yesterday.

The owner of Quadrifoglio Srl, Antonio Di Salvo, is returning from the United States after learning about the deaths of his employees in Casteldaccia. His partner, Epifanio Alsazia, is one of the five victims.

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