Increase in child abuse on disabled minors in Siracusa, Meter report.

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Nearly 6,000 links of child pornography reported, with an increasing number of victims aged between 3 and 12 years old, and a rise in abuse of disabled individuals. These are some of the data presented in the 2023 edition of the Meter association report from Siracusa, presented today by the president, Don Fortunato Di Noto. The Observatory against pedophilia of Meter has found that many young people with disabilities are contacted on social networks and coerced into producing sexually explicit material, often under the threat of extortion to disseminate the pornographic material. Disabled children are at risk due to their dependence on those who care for them. Meter aims to help by providing services to families through the Listening Center, which offers reception, attention, and guidance for choosing possible interventions. In 2023, the Listening Center received 220 requests for the protection of minors, including 67 cases related to online risks (including 20 cases of online grooming, 2 cases of internet addiction, 1 case of cyberbullying); 52 cases involved child abuse; 36 cases of neurodevelopmental disorders, 19 cases of anxiety disorders, 6 cases of depression; 20 cases of dysfunctional family relationships. Reception and listening also take place through the toll-free number 800 455 270. Pedophiles are active in producing videos and photos of “false representations” of child abuse using Artificial Intelligence, with the material produced available to pedophiles on the deep web and dark web.

“Pedophilia is not just videos and images, it is the tragic reality of abuse already suffered. It destroys the present and compromises the future. The fight against pedocriminality, increasingly structured and well-organized online, requires national and international collaborations. Society must become more aware of the devastating tragedy of child abuse, through prevention, awareness, and training actions,” said Don Fortunato Di Noto.

Siracusa, il report di Meter sulla pedopornografia: in aumento gli abusi su minori disabili

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