In Catania, inmate at Piazza Lanza prison attempts to strangle police officer.

According to Francesco Pennisi, the national councilor for Sicily of the Autonoma Autonoma Police Union, there was another aggression in the Piazza Lanza prison in Catania. The incident occurred yesterday morning, October 20th. A detainee attacked and attempted to strangle a prison police officer around 11am in the Amenano section. The officer was trying to return a detainee to his cell when he was violently grabbed by another detainee who tried to strangle him. After a struggle, the officer managed to free himself, sound the alarm, and lock the cell. The situation was resolved with the intervention of the General Surveillance Inspector and other colleagues to restore order. The officer had to receive medical treatment at the local hospital but has since been discharged. The aggressor detainee, of Messinese origin, apparently attacked the officer due to a perceived excessive delay in responding to his call. Pennisi emphasizes the serious problems of order and discipline in the Catania prison, which has been without its commander for about two months. The police union is concerned about the lack of action from the central and peripheral administrations and institutional authorities regarding the ongoing incidents in Italian prisons.

Catania, al carcere di Piazza Lanza un detenuto cerca di strangolare un poliziotto

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