Imprisonment for drugs in Enna, expedited trial for former chaplain: a sawed-off shotgun was also found in the convent

Former prison chaplain Rosario Maria Buccheri, a 60-year-old Franciscan friar, will face trial under the expedited procedure for delivering a package of hashish to an inmate. Buccheri, who has been stripped of his clerical status, appeared before the judge of the court of Enna, who had to decide on the prosecution’s request for a trial, but the defense requested an alternative procedure. The trial will begin on January 23. The friar, who is a former carabinieri and has been a member of the Order of the Friars Minor for over 20 years, will also be charged with possession of weapons and burglary tools. In his cell at the Enna convent, a sawn-off shotgun, a pistol, ammunition, a teaser, €35,000 in cash, and countless SIM cards were found, while a crowbar, a balaclava, and brass knuckles were found in his car.