Igor De Pasquale: Hygienist and Sicily-loving writer

To study and develop, he worked as an entertainer and a waiter, then eventually found success: he taught at the “Sapienza” University of Rome and was an international guest at Virginia University in Richmond, all without leaving his Sicily. Today, he’s releasing a book that disproves the “rule of the impossible”. From a hygienist to a writer. De Pasquale, a native of Messina, class of ’84, has achieved success by writing a book called “I miei sogno responsabile”, which tells the story of how he established one of the most iconic oral hygiene studies in Italy. The book, with a cover drawn by Lelio Bonaccorso, follows De Pasquale’s life and professional journey, highlighting the challenges and successes he faced. He recounts facing the difficulties of growing up with separated parents and the challenge of non-traditional paths to success. He defines the book as a story for his colleagues, those who are entering the profession or are going through tough times, for his beloved city, his supporters and even for those who have tried to block his path. He explains that writing the book has a thousand reasons and he wrote it for his children, so that they would know what their father has tried to achieve. He has become a teacher at several Italian universities and also at the “Sapienza” of Rome, where he serves as an international guest, representing his excellence even in the United States at the Virginia Commonwealth University of Richmond. At the book presentation, everyone praised Igor De Pasquale’s trailblazing work in oral hygiene as a standard for the entire profession. The renowned Lelio Bonaccorso highlighted how both he and De Pasquale have proven that anything is possible, regardless of where someone comes from. De Pasquale emphasized that his book has a thousand reasons for existing. He wrote it for his colleagues, his city, his supporters, and even for those who have tried to block his path, and especially for his children.

Igienista e scrittore innamorato della Sicilia: Igor De Pasquale e i segreti di “Un sogno responsabile”

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