Hydrocarbons in water in Messina, bans continue: information to the prosecutor

The problem of polluted water in the city center of Messina is still a concern, and now an investigation is underway. Despite efforts to clean up the water, the situation has not been completely resolved. Last week, the source of the contamination with diesel fuel was identified near Via Cadorna. Efforts are being made to return the situation to normal, but restrictions are still in place. The area is divided into a red zone where it is strictly prohibited to drink or use the water for personal hygiene, and a yellow zone where only drinking the water is prohibited. Assistance centers are set up to plan and carry out the necessary interventions and purification of the water. The water trucks of Amam can be found in various locations.

Idrocarburi nell’acqua a Messina, continuano i divieti: informativa in procura

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