Horses of a stable and farm saved during fires in Gibilrossa, Casteldaccia, and Trabia

An article about several wildfires that have occurred in the Palermo area, Sicily, particularly during Easter weekend. The fires have been fueled by the hot weather, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. Firefighters have been working to protect homes and agricultural areas from the flames, with the help of aircraft dropping water on the burning areas. Fortunately, no homes have been damaged so far, but the fires have destroyed several hectares of Mediterranean vegetation. Unfortunately, some of the fires are believed to have been started deliberately by arsonists. Overall, the article highlights the efforts of firefighters to control and extinguish the wildfires in the region.

Incendi a Gibilrossa, Casteldaccia e Trabia: messi al sicuro i cavalli di un maneggio e un’azienda agricola

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