Hiker slips on ice sheet on Mount Etna and is rescued

The technicians of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue intervened to rescue an injured hiker along the Altomontana track on the south side of Mount Etna. The man, who slipped on an ice slab, had a suspected injury to his left ankle. He was reached near the Poggio di Caccia refuge by the rescue teams of the CNSAS Sicilia and the Sagf of the financial police. After immobilizing the injured limb, the hiker was transported by off-road vehicles to the ambulance 118, which was waiting at the base of the trail, to be handed over to the healthcare professionals who took him to the emergency room in Acireale.

Scivola su una lastra di ghiaccio e cade, escursionista soccorso sull’Etna

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