High risk of rain on May 1st in Sicily: worsening weather, temperatures drop

Explanation of the article:

The article discusses the weather forecast for May 1st in Sicily, with a high risk of rain. According to experts at 3bmeteo, the end of April saw a shift towards autumnal conditions in the region, with temperatures returning to above seasonal averages due to a brief anticyclonic airflow from Africa. This weather pattern is expected to continue until Tuesday, April 30th, with mostly sunny conditions across the provinces.

However, the weather is predicted to deteriorate with the arrival of a low-pressure vortex. The first clouds and light rain are expected on Tuesday evening, but heavier rain and thunderstorms are forecasted for Wednesday, May 1st in Sicily, particularly in the provinces of Trapani, Palermo, and Agrigento. This might lead to a slight decrease in temperatures, returning to seasonal averages, along with strong south-easterly winds. The article also mentions that unstable weather conditions are expected to continue in the following days, including the first weekend of May.

Forte rischio di pioggia per l’1 maggio in Sicilia: arriva il peggioramento, temperature si abbassano

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