Group rape in Palermo, Lorefice: “The girl treated like prey”

The Archbishop Corrado Lorefice delivered a strong message during a Mass commemorating the anniversary of the assassination of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, his wife Emanuela Setti Carraro, and their bodyguard Domenico Russo. He condemned criminals, saying they are insensitive to human suffering and become entrepreneurs and propagators of suffering. He compared them to arsonists who devastate Sicily and the seven rapists who brutally attacked a girl, driven by a delusion of virile omnipotence. The Archbishop emphasized that these individuals have lost moral passion and are incapable of love, respect, and honor for others’ lives. They lack religious foundation, being indifferent to human suffering and injustice, and are spreaders of pain and inequality. He referred to them as idolaters of violence and victims of the current anthropological drift resulting from our failure as adults to properly educate them.

Lo stupro di gruppo a Palermo, Lorefice: «La ragazza trattata come carne da preda»

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