Good results for construction workers in Sicily: Enna holds national record

On the occasion of the Labor Day, the economic observatory of Confartigianato Sicilia takes a snapshot of the world of work in our island. What immediately stands out is the difficulty in recovering pre-pandemic employment, especially for self-employed workers, which is still not completed for Sicily. In fact, there are 290,000 self-employed workers in 2022 (entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed workers, etc.) – equivalent to one in five workers (21.7% of total employment), a decrease of 17,000 units (-5.4%) compared to 2019. Another noteworthy fact is the number of employed in the Construction sector: Enna records a +112.3% increase in employment, ranking first even at the national level. Confartigianato Sicilia highlights the difficulties still faced by workers with worrying recovery numbers, but also proudly emphasizes what works, such as the exponential growth in employment in Enna’s Construction sector. The organization constantly asks politicians to be key players in decisions involving artisans and the entire productive system.

In Sicilia buoni risultati per gli occupati delle costruzioni: Enna ha il primato nazionale

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