Giglio Foundation, three former regional councilors and two others acquitted on appeal in the accounting trial

Former assessors of the Sicilian Region, Lucia Borsellino, Baldassare Gucciardi, and Ruggero Razza, along with general directors Salvatore Sammartano and Mario La Rocca, have been acquitted on appeal for the compensations paid by the Region to the members of the Board of Directors of the Giglio Institute Foundation in Cefalù between 2015 and 2020. In the first instance, they had been sentenced by the Court of Auditors to reimburse the Region for around €381,000. The investigations revealed that the Region should have transformed the foundation into a healthcare company, thereby making the existence of a Board of Directors redundant. The defense lawyers argued that the foundation continues to provide healthcare services to the population while awaiting the identification of a private partner, which will finance the corresponding contract within 24 months. The actions of the assessors and directors were deemed justifiable as they relied on ministerial approval and regional regulations to maintain the foundation.