Gifts to the homeless in Palermo, a special birthday for Anirbas

Next to stories that anger and discourage, such as the Food Bank’s groceries being charged to the needy by an association, there are others that restore faith in the generosity and commitment of volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to those many consider the last, the invisible. For the Anirbas association, homeless people in the city are not the last and they are not invisible, so founder Sabrina Ciulla decided to celebrate her birthday with them. She asked relatives and close friends not to buy gifts for her but to wrap useful items for those living on the streets. The Anirbas volunteers went out last night and distributed many gift packages to their homeless friends, including new socks and underwear, pillows, razors and shaving cream for men, and deodorants for women. They also brought cakes and sweets. “I gave a greater meaning to my birthday – says Sabrina Ciulla – I couldn’t be happier. We lack nothing, they need everything.”

Regali ai senzatetto di Palermo, un compleanno speciale per Anirbas

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