Giarre to have a park in memory of little Riccardo Sorbello, €5,000 collected.

The article explains that around 5,100 euros in spontaneous donations have been collected for the creation of Riccardo’s Park, dedicated to the memory of the young Riccardo Sorbello. An event called “Smiling Solidarity” was organized at the Kentie Park in Riposto, with approximately 300 children and over 400 adults participating. The aim of the event was to raise funds for Riccardo’s Park, which is being built in Giarre in memory of Riccardo. The park is set to open after the installation of the playground equipment, with many companies and professionals contributing to its completion.

A Giarre un parco per ricordare il piccolo Riccardo Sorbello, raccolti 5mila euro

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