Geraci crime, the mayor of Caccamo: “We never stopped waiting for the truth to emerge”

The article discusses the recent developments in the investigation of the murder of Mico Geraci, a Sicilian trade unionist killed by the mafia in 1998. The mayor of Caccamo, Franco Fiore, expresses joy and relief at the progress made in the case, hoping for justice to be served. The community of Caccamo has never stopped seeking the truth and honoring Geraci’s memory. The vice president of the Sicilian Anti-Mafia Commission, Ismaele La Vardera, also expresses satisfaction that progress is being made in the case and hopes for closure and justice for Geraci.

Delitto Geraci, il sindaco di Caccamo: «Non abbiamo mai smesso di attendere che la verità emergesse»

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