Georgian tourist dies on Fontane Bianche beach: on vacation with wife.

All attempts to revive an elderly tourist who fell ill on a beach in Syracuse have failed. The 74-year-old man died on the crowded beach in front of his wife. She was the one who raised the alarm when her husband collapsed this morning. 118 emergency operators and a resuscitating doctor arrived at the free beach of Fontane Bianche and performed a long CPR. A helicopter was also called to the scene and landed on the sand with some difficulty. However, the tourist died before being taken to the hospital. The 74-year-old, who was a resident of Georgia, had been on vacation in Syracuse for a few days and had decided to spend the August holiday at the beach with his wife. The man was covered with a thermal blanket while waiting for the mortuary police. Coast Guard officers and some state police agents also arrived at the scene.

Siracusa, turista georgiano muore sulla spiaggia di Fontane Bianche: era in vacanza con la moglie

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