Gela Mayor Grazia Cosentino leading in the polls

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In Gela, in the province of Caltanissetta, where voting is taking place for the renewal of the city council, when 39 out of 71 sections have been counted, the center-right candidate for mayor Grazia Cosentino – supported by the League, Italia Viva, and Brothers of Italy lists – is in the lead with 31.55% of the votes followed by Terenziano di Stefano – leading a coalition with M5S, Azione, Ripartiamo da zero, Pd, Pci, Idee in movimento, Sud chiama Nord, and the two civic lists Una buona idea and Civico lab – with 28.11% of the votes. Following them is Salvatore Scerra, also a center-right candidate with 24.52% of the votes.

Sindaco di Gela, Grazia Cosentino è in vantaggio

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