Gaspare Perricone’s life dedicated to music: soaring to the sky with his guitar in Palermo.

The music world is mourning the loss of Gaspare Perricone, a guitar and keyboard master in the famous Cozze group in Palermo and president of the Fontarò Arci club. He passed away prematurely, leaving behind sorrow and despair.

The news is spreading on social media and friends are remembering him with affection, like Davide Ciani, who writes of him as: “someone I greatly admired, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my first steps as a teacher and music coach at Fontarò. Our city loses a genuine person, sincere in his love for music like few others.” Roberto Sansone remembers the moments they spent together: “We rarely agreed on chords, but when it came time to play, each would play what the other indicated. Years of ‘disagreements’ but always and only for the music, for everything else, the certainty of being able to rely on each other. I already miss you and I know this will happen in a thousand other moments. Goodbye, buddy.” Monica Faja, instead, remembers him as: “Caring, generous, sensitive, you created a place where Music and Theater find a space to express themselves. You left us too soon, dear Gaspare… I hug you wherever you are.”

Palermo, una vita per la musica: Gaspare Perricone vola in cielo con la sua chitarra

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