Garibaldi Hospital Catania: Surgeon Job Competition – Requirements and Application Process

The Arnas Garibaldi Hospital in Catania is looking for surgeons. A public competition has been announced to fill five positions for thoracic surgery medical directors, on an indefinite basis.The general requirementsCandidates must have: Italian citizenship, unless otherwise provided by current laws; citizenship of one of the European Union countries, including third-country nationals holding a long-term residence permit or refugee status; physical fitness for the job, certified before appointment; exemption from medical examination for employees of public administrations and institutes, hospitals and entities referred to in Articles 25 and 26(1) of Decree Law No. 761 of December 20, 1979. Those excluded from active suffrage and those disqualified from employment by a public administration for fraud or invalid documents cannot apply.Specific requirementsCandidates must also have a degree in Medicine and Surgery; specialization in the discipline required for the competition or equivalent discipline; and registration with the Medical-Surgical Board.ExamsThere will be three exams: a written exam, a practical exam, and an oral exam. The written exam will consist of a report on a simulated clinical case or topics related to the discipline, or solving a series of concise questions in the same discipline. The practical exam will assess specific techniques and skills in the discipline, which should also be explained in writing. The oral exam will cover subjects related to the discipline and the tasks associated with the position.How to applyApplications must be submitted by November 16 through the company’s website using the specific online application form available at the Arnas Garibaldi Hospital website.

Ospedale Garibaldi di Catania, concorso per medici chirurghi: i requisiti, come presentare la domanda

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