Future of Cinema: Perspectives and Proposals discussed by experts in Palermo

The article sheds light on the state of health of Sicilian cinemas, which have been struggling after the 2020 pandemic but have survived thanks to ministerial and regional interventions. The second regional conference, organized by Anec Sicilia, will discuss the future of cinema theaters with operators, industry experts, and institutions. The event will take place on Wednesday, June 19, starting at 9:30 am at Palazzo dei Normanni in the Mattarella hall. Topics will range from audience numbers and box office revenues to proposals for regional ticket refunds, cinema and Film Commission focus, cinema and disability, and cinema and schools. There will also be discussions on amendments in favor of cinemas in the regional budget, new funding opportunities for theaters, and the costs of operating. The conference will conclude with remarks from the regional Tourism assessor, Elvira Amata.

Sala cinematografica, quale futuro? Prospettive e proposte: esperti a confronto a Palermo

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