From the spur to the rap scene in Italy: Popo has arrived, the new single by 3tr3 and La Flèche

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A powerful and rigid beat that complements severe and true verses, this is the new single by 3tr3 featuring La Flèche. The two rappers from the Southside Records collective mark their first collaboration with Popo, set to be released on June 28, 2024. The song provides a sort of chronicle of the conditions of the popular neighborhoods, a story told in the first person as both 3tr3 and La Flèche grew up in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Palermo, namely Sperone.

The production by Popo was signed by one of the most talented producers in Southern Italy: Achille G. The new single by the two Palermo artists further shapes a musical genre that brings an exclusive matrix to Sicily and the rest of the Italian rap scene, both in the emerging and mainstream realms. 3tr3 and La Flèche, like the other names on the Southside Records roster, are creating a movement that makes Sicilian rap authentic, by Sicilian artists. This inevitably reflects in the sound and the contents of the various songs.

The article also includes brief biographies of 3tr3 and La Flèche, highlighting their backgrounds, artistic abilities, and experiences in the music industry.

Dallo Sperone alla scena rap in Italia: arriva Popo, il nuovo singolo di 3tr3 e La Flèche

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