Four arrests in Palermo for copper and car thefts

The carabinieri of the mobile unit in Palermo have arrested four people in three different circumstances, believed to be responsible for aggravated theft. In the first arrest, the military intervened at the Civico hospital, where security agents had reported a man stealing several meters of electrical cables used to connect the radiology department to an emergency generator. The suspect, a 42-year-old man from Palermo, was already known to the authorities and has been placed under house arrest pending a hearing. He was also found in possession of several burglary tools, which were seized. Later that evening, the police noticed two young men tampering with a car in the Borgo Nuovo neighborhood. The boys tried in vain to escape, even ramming the police car, but were immediately stopped and identified. They too were placed under house arrest pending a hearing. A few hours later, a 10-year-old boy, also known to the authorities, was arrested for attempted car theft on via Trieste. All arrests were validated by the judge for preliminary investigations of the Palermo Court.

Furti di rame e di auto, scattano quattro arresti a Palermo

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