Former mayor of Catania Stancanelli leaves Brothers of Italy and joins Salvini’s League for European elections

Ex-mayor of Catania Raffaele Stancanelli, current MEP for FdI, announced his candidacy for the European elections with the League after a meeting with Matteo Salvini. He stated that he accepted the nomination because the League has become a national party thanks to Salvini and because of Salvini’s concrete actions that benefited Catania. Stancanelli emphasized the importance of coherence with his political roots, the need for better infrastructure in Sicily, and the discussion around differentiated autonomy in the region. He also mentioned his departure from FdI, stating that he did not feel supported by the party anymore. Francesco Storace praised Stancanelli for his candidacy with the League, calling him a person of integrity and loyalty.

L’ex sindaco di Catania Stancanelli dice addio a FdI e si candida alle Europee con la Lega di Salvini

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