Former employee reports former employers, gets threatened, three arrests for attempted extortion in Patti.

Two people in jail and one under house arrest (with an electronic bracelet) for attempted extortion aggravated by the mafia method. The measures were notified to the interested parties by the carabinieri of Patti, in the Messina region, who delivered a notice of guarantee to another person involved in the incident. The investigation was launched in May 2023, after a man reported being threatened by his former employers, father and son, if he did not withdraw a complaint to the labor judge.
The complainant in 2022 had initiated a dispute to recover the contributions arising from the employment relationship, never regularized, worked for several years at the company attributable to the two suspects.
The serious threats were also aggravated by the intervention of a third suspect, already convicted definitively for mafia association, who approached the victim further intimidating her. The investigations have also revealed that the suspects would have the intention to resort to the use of weapons, if the victim had not desisted in his legal action.

Denuncia gli ex datori di lavoro e viene minacciato, tre arresti per tentata estorsione a Patti

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