Forest workers in Sicily see increased working days due to the fight against wildfires

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More work days for forest workers “seventies” engaged in fire prevention and control. This is established by a decree from the regional Agriculture assessor, Luca Sammartino, which increases the number of work days for this category from 78 to 101.

“We are implementing a concrete response to prevent fires and simultaneously improve the working conditions of forestry workers,” says Sammartino. “This is a first step towards safeguarding the entire sector. The intervention is adopted pending the comprehensive reform of the forestry sector, which will be examined by the government within a couple of weeks. A reform that has been awaited for years, strongly desired by President Schifani and already shared with the trade unions, which will soon see the light of day.” Workers will be engaged in cleaning up uncultivated and abandoned private areas that often become pathways for fires to spread to wooded areas and inhabited centers. It will be up to municipalities, through their ordinances, to identify the areas for intervention, giving priority to the most sensitive and at-risk areas. The provision also allows for a strengthening of firefighting efforts, with workers possessing the necessary qualifications being assigned to complete the forest fire teams.

Lotta agli incendi, in Sicilia aumentano le giornate lavorative degli operai forestali

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